My name is Daniel Eli Goldfarb, and I'm an Entrepreneur, Graphic Designer, Video Producer and Sports Enthusiast based in Christchurch, New Zealand. 

I moved to Virginia when I was only two years old. I can only remember growing up in Great Falls, a small town just a hour outside of Washington, D.C. I grew up in a sports loving area, but more importantly a Pittsburgh Steelers household. Unlike most kids, I didn't have an xbox or a gameboy. I was forced to play outside, and as a result, I found my passion for sports. I fell in love with soccer, basketball and football. I played mostly soccer and a little bit of basketball, but I always had the most fun messing around with my friends on the football field. While I knew at a young age that I didn't have the talent or size to play in the professional leagues, I still wanted to be connected with sports. The next best thing for me was to create content for the players and organizations.

I started to share my work on social media, and as my knowledge for Photoshop grew, so did my following. Through extensive knowledge in social media marketing, I was able to build myself a brand now known as 'degarts'. I've been lucky enough to work with clients such as J.R. Smith, Richard Sherman, Patty Mills, the Pittsburgh Steelers and many more. 

In late 2015, I wanted to branch out of freelance design and help local New Zealand businesses enhance their social media pages through advertising and marketing consulting. I am now the C.E.O., Co-Founder and Creative Director at New Zealand's finest agency, The Interlude. We work to take clients hand-in-hand into the new age of digital technology with our content creation and marketing skills.